- Beta Launch

The time has come – finally gets a web presentation! Almost 2 years after I’ve grabbed the domain and some controversial ideas of what to do with it I have decided to start with a simple Jekyll-powered blog.

2 min read

Merge GIT repositories

When it comes to version control I am more and more convinced by Git and it’s superb branching model. Lately I was confronted with the need to merge two GIT repositories. Per se this should not be difficult, but if the commit history should be preserved it might become a bit tricky! This article explains an easy way to do this without the help of any third party tools.

2 min read

Switch to Ubuntu

Today marks the release of the all new Ubuntu 11.04. And it marks a new OS experience for me: I’m actually moving from Windows to the Linux—after 12 years of happy Windows computing.

2 min read

Xubuntu 10.4 on Eee PC 701

Last Sunday I was quite bored, so I decided to update my Eee PC 701/4G to the fresh Xubuntu 10.4 release. The reason for the update mainly was that I still got stuck with Xubuntu 8.10 (with patched Kernel files and so on…) and Canonical will drop updates for this release soon. Thus a fresh install seemed to be the best way.

2 min read

Setup Bazaar Version Control via FTP with multiple users

Have you ever been in need to setup a cheap Version Control System? Well, there are plenty of free alternatives out in the web that offer this service for free. GitHub, GoogleCode and SourceForge being the most popular ones. But all of them have one disadvantage: They require you to publish the code to the wild and release it under an open source license. This may not be a problem if you are releasing the source of your software anyways, but sometimes you might feel “I’m not ready to publish the code” or “This project is commercial, I cannot offer the source on the web.”.

4 min read