Santa brought… a Galaxy Nexus

Dunno whether I have been naughty or nice, but Santa decided to put a Google Galaxy Nexus under our christmas tree. Till then I have played with the phone for almost two weeks so I can give a short evaluation and comparison to my old Motorola Milestone (Droid).

2 min read - Beta Launch

The time has come – finally gets a web presentation! Almost 2 years after I’ve grabbed the domain and some controversial ideas of what to do with it I have decided to start with a simple Jekyll-powered blog.

2 min read

Merge GIT repositories

When it comes to version control I am more and more convinced by Git and it’s superb branching model. Lately I was confronted with the need to merge two GIT repositories. Per se this should not be difficult, but if the commit history should be preserved it might become a bit tricky! This article explains an easy way to do this without the help of any third party tools.

2 min read

Switch to Ubuntu

Today marks the release of the all new Ubuntu 11.04. And it marks a new OS experience for me: I’m actually moving from Windows to the Linux—after 12 years of happy Windows computing.

2 min read

Xubuntu 10.4 on Eee PC 701

Last Sunday I was quite bored, so I decided to update my Eee PC 701/4G to the fresh Xubuntu 10.4 release. The reason for the update mainly was that I still got stuck with Xubuntu 8.10 (with patched Kernel files and so on…) and Canonical will drop updates for this release soon. Thus a fresh install seemed to be the best way.

2 min read