Hi, my name is Martin Pöhlmann — DevOps Engineer, Consultant and Developer hailing from Munich, Germany.
I’m currently working at Munich Re as Solution Architect for Container and Kubernetes.

This is me!

Born in a small town in the Bavarian forest my digital life begun with my passion for music. Using the popular media player Winamp for listening to music on a daily basis, I became interested in designing and coding interface designs for Winamp. Together with some fellows we created The Skin Consortium — a successful community for interface design and coding. In 2006 I was hired by AOL to develop the next user interface for Winamp.

After finishing high-school in 2007, I made my way to Munich to study computer science at Technische Universität München. My major research and study fields were software engineering, computer vision and human-machine-interaction. During these years I co-founded a mobile music promotion platform called Songpier and worked again for AOL on the Winamp for Android App. After a total of 9 semesters, I obtained the Master Degree in Computer Science in early 2012.

Succeeding my studies, I started working as software engineer and consultant at CQSE. During the first years I was primarily consultant for their largest customer in the reinsurance sector. My main focus there was to preserve maintainability of source code and accompany the testing activities of the complete business application portfolio. I led this project till mid 2019 and joined our development team thereafter. There I focuses on integration points of our software intelligence suite suite Teamscale with code collaboration platforms like GitHub or Azure DevOps and the Microsoft ecosystem (e.g. Visual Studio integration, .net Profiling, …) using Java and C#. In 2021 I took over the lead of the CQSE IT team. I was responsible for developing and running internal services on our Docker infrastructure, as well as integrating and administrating cloud services (Google Workspace, Atlassian Cloud, 1password, …). In addition, I transformed the Teamscale cloud-offering from being server-based to a Kubernetes-backed architecture. Last but not least, as information security officer (ISO) I had to keep an eye on all security relevant aspects of CQSE and successfully lead the company to an TISAX AL3 certification.

After 11 great years at CQSE I joined Munich Re as solution architect in 2023 combining my passion for DevOps and SRE with in-house consulting. In my team we’re building a GitOps-enabled Kubernetes platform for the whole group focusing on secure hosting of applications.

As antipole to tech I keep myself in shape with running or hiking, (re-)started dancing a few years back and vastly enjoy metal and dark electronic music.


The easiest way to get in touch with me is to send a message to @mpdeimos via twitter or connect via LinkedIn. If you want to write more than a few lines, feel free to drop a mail at mail@insert-this-domain-name.com.


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