Jekyll Reloaded

It’s now two years since Jekyll 4.0 has been released. The release fosters several build performance improvements, but sadly GitHub Pages remains at Jekyll 3.9 and there is no willingness to update. In addition, compiling this site locally became an increasing problem after my Arch Linux workstation was upgraded to the Ruby 3.0 release. This post explains how to ditch GitHub Pages automatic Jekyll compilation and use GitHub Actions instead.

5 min read

Enabling S3 Sleep on Dell XPS 13 (7390 2-in-1)

I hate when things that used to work no longer do and this especially holds for the basic stuff. When I got my new Dell XPS 13 (7390 2-in-1) is was really frustrated by the modern standby implementation it uses by default. This post explains briefly how to re-enable legacy—but reliable—standby on this and likely other laptop models to prevent overheating.

6 min read

Hacking a ZTE ZXDSL-931VII Router

Recently I got my hands on an old ZTE ZXDSL-931VII router that I grabbed after it had been ditched – it’s always fun to play with old hardware from time to time. In this post I’ll shortly outline some of the security issues of the device like extracting login data and obtaining a root shell.

6 min read

Site Relaunch

I was a bit too optimistic when I announced the “Beta Launch” of this site – almost 8 years ago! Since then I had several ideas of blog posts and content to put on the site, but simply never found the time to finish it. Until now! I decided to start all over a again and can finally announce the “first” (not final!) release of my personal place on the web.

4 min read

Shrinking the Size of our Teamscale Docker Image

In this post on my company’s blog I present the steps we took to cut our product Docker images in half—from over 1GB down to under 500MB. It outlines some common pitfalls when working with Docker images and shows some tricks of dealing with required third party dependencies.

~1 min read