Site Relaunch

I was a bit too optimistic when I announced the “Beta Launch” of this site – almost 8 years ago! Since then I had several ideas of blog posts and content to put on the site, but simply never found the time to finish it. Until now! I decided to start all over a again and can finally announce the “first” (not final!) release of my personal place on the web.

4 min read

Shrinking the Size of our Teamscale Docker Image

In this post on my company’s blog I present the steps we took to cut our product Docker images in half—from over 1GB down to under 500MB. It outlines some common pitfalls when working with Docker images and shows some tricks of dealing with required third party dependencies.

~1 min read

Freedoms of working at CQSE

I often get asked by friends why I stick working at CQSE for almost six years now. One reason simply is that I’m quite free in arranging my workday in a way that it fits for me. Hence, I’ve recapitulated a (not so typical) workday on my company’s blog that illustrates the benefits and freedoms of working at CQSE.

~1 min read

Our Journey to GIT—One year later

The migration of our code hosting from Subversion to Git enabled us to scale and professionalize our development process. This post on my company’s blog sheds some light on changes the migration allowed (or forced) us to perform.

~1 min read

Our Journey to GIT

This post on my company’s blog summarizes the the hurdles I had to take when migrating our code hosting from Subversion to Git: I had to combine the history of several Subversion repositories into one large Git repository and cleaning history from unneeded and big files. Oh—I also had to find an alternate solution for these cursed svn:exterenal links.

~1 min read