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by Martin Pöhlmann
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The time has come – finally gets a web presentation! Almost 2 years after I’ve grabbed the domain and some controversial ideas of what to do with it I have decided to start with a simple Jekyll-powered blog.

Beta launch of

Yep, you have heard right! I grabbed this domain on January 10th back in 2010 and almost 2 years later I came around to put some valid content on it. You might ask now what the heck I have done during this time? Well, I had no time and no concrete idea of what to do with the domain—Ok, that is not quite correct. I know that I wanted to have some sort of personal blog and a portfolio of my work.

So why the wait?

I had no clue what software to use. You might think that’s not relevant? I think it is.

So first my intention was to write an own small blogging engine with Php based upon the Woltlab Community Framework. I know this framework very well and it wouldn’t be much hassle to achieve this, but I never came round to start developing the actual blogging plugin.

Wordpress to the rescue! After Wordpress 3.0 has been released I’ve installed it on my webserver and migrated some of my old posts to this platform. Despite Wordpress being quite customizable and easy to handle I never felt home. …Dunno, maybe it felt not hacky enough?

The final descision

On some eve I stumbled across Jekyll, a static, blog-aware site generator with support for Markdown and Textile. Great! A few days late I found myself messing with a basic template and the raw site skeleton.

What’s so great about Jekyll

  • It’s free
  • Posts can be written using Markdown, Textile or plain Html – enough for a simple development-oriented blog.
  • A flexible directory structure
  • Extensible
  • Can be hosted (and built) on GitHub pages – for free

What’s next?

As you can see I managed to gather a few blog posts, but that’s just the first step. I want to offer an overview about all my projects, some client work and other stuff.