Setup Bazaar Version Control via FTP with multiple users

Have you ever been in need to setup a cheap Version Control System? Well, there are plenty of free alternatives out in the web that offer this service for free. GitHub, GoogleCode and SourceForge being the most popular ones. But all of them have one disadvantage: They require you to publish the code to the wild and release it under an open source license. This may not be a problem if you are releasing the source of your software anyways, but sometimes you might feel “I’m not ready to publish the code” or “This project is commercial, I cannot offer the source on the web.”.

4 min read

Stratovarius - Polaris (2009)

For a long time the future of Stratovarius was unclear. But after ex-guitarist Timo Tolkki agreed that the remaining members can continue under the old name, the songwriting begun and Timo Tolkki was replaced by Matias Kupiainen. But with Tolkki as long term member and guitarist/songwriter a person left who gave the band a face. Will the new album be different—maybe like Kotipelto’s solo project?

2 min read

Jorn Lande - Spirit Black (2009)

Just one year after his last studio album Lonely are the Brave Jorn releases another rocking studio album. So if you think this will just be a mainstream album because of the short time it took to be produced, you are wrong.

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