Jorn Lande - Spirit Black (2009)
Martin Pöhlmann
by Martin Pöhlmann
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Just one year after his last studio album Lonely are the Brave Jorn releases another rocking studio album. So if you think this will just be a mainstream album because of the short time it took to be produced, you are wrong.

Spirit Black is a mixture between The Duke and Lonely are the Brave with the sound tending a bit more to Hard Rock this time and guitars taking a bigger role. Jorn himself said that he wanted to create a memorable album - we’ll see if this worked out in a few years1. Moreover, the album features a cover version of Tarja’s (ex-Nightwish) song “I walk Alone” - It’s a bit different from the original but yet another great cover song Jorn performed. My favorite songs of the album are Down (2).

Check out some samples at Jorn’s Myspace site

Album Cover


  1. Spirit Black
  2. Below
  3. Road Of The Cross
  4. The Last Revolution
  5. City Inbetweeen [Vagabond cover]
  6. Rock And Roll Angel
  7. Burn Your Flame
  8. World Gone Mad
  9. I Walk Alone [Tarja Turunen cover]
  10. The Sun Goes Down [Thin Lizzy cover]
  1. Right now (=2011) I think he did not succeed with creating a album that might get a play every week, since I have some discs that havn’t worn off as fast. Yea, you have heard right - the album has worn off! Like you have read I was quiet enthusiastic about the album and thus gave it a spin now and then. But when I listen to it these days it sounds quite boring and a bit overproduced with all those effects. Would be cool to know what you think?