Lessons from Code Reviews in the Wild (part 1): There is no exhaustive Review Checklist

This is the first post of two posts concerning code reviews on my company’s blog. I’m motivating why code reviews are an essential part of our daily work (also besides code) and then giving some insights why there is no exhaustive review checklist—a question I often got asked at customers when introducing peer reviews.

~1 min read

Best album of 2011

2011 was a year with quite a few album releases, so I asked myself recently which one I like most. The descision is not easy since I grabbed CDs from different metal genres, but let’s see…

3 min read

Santa brought… a Galaxy Nexus

Dunno whether I have been naughty or nice, but Santa decided to put a Google Galaxy Nexus under our christmas tree. Till then I have played with the phone for almost two weeks so I can give a short evaluation and comparison to my old Motorola Milestone (Droid).

2 min read