Is Your Build Ready for Continuous Deployment? A Large-Scale Benchmark of Cloning in Build Systems
Martin Pöhlmann
by Martin Pöhlmann
~1 min read



My first post on my company’s blog concerns a benchmark regarding redundancy in build (continuous integration) systems. It is the result of a scientific study I performed together with Shane McIntosh. In addition, it outlines the achievements of refactoring a large-scale build infrastructure of one of our customers.

For further in-depth information and statistical details, I’d recommend reading the scientific article Collecting and Leveraging a Benchmark of Build System Clones to Aid in Quality Assessments we published together with Shane McIntosh, Audris Mockus, Bram Adams, Ahmed E. Hassan, Brigitte Haupt and Christian Wagner in the proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Software Engineering 2014.

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