Winamp Desktop UI Revamp

During my last year at high school I was hired1 by AOL (the former owner of Winamp) to revamp the whole Winamp user interface and combine separate windows (player, equalizer, playlist, …) into a single tabbed user interface. At that time Winamp was one of the most popular media players for Windows—with more that 80+ million unique users per month. And yes, you once had audio files on your physical hard drive :smile:

On October the 10th 2007 we released the new user interface titled Bento with Winamp 5.5 “10th anniversary edition”.

Feature Highlights

  • One of the first single-window user-interfaces for Winamp at this time
  • A web browser including bookmark support and music scraping (listen & download embedded music)
  • Two versions of the interface for normal and high-resolution monitors using a single code base

Focus of my Work

  • Transforming the awesome Photoshop mock-ups of Taber Buhl into a pixel-perfect user interface
  • Suggesting modifications to the design and provide ideas for new features
  • Writing interaction logic in Winamp’s own UI scripting language
  • Extending the C++ skinning engine with the core development team

After the initial release in October 2007, I have provided several updates to the interface and adjusted it to new requirements. In retrospective it was a nice experience to work remotely on such a popular software product at a time where tools like Skype or Google Hangouts were not that common or just unusable via a 56k dial-up modem. Moreover, I can pretend that I was part of the digital music revolution :muscle:

Enjoy Winamp ♪

…Oh, and according to this list I have also written the top Winamp easter egg “Llama Snake” :blush:

Llama Snake

  1. Due to the lack of a developer for the so-called skins (Justin Frankel was long gone) I was asked to fill this gap as I was an active member in the Winamp skinning community at this time.