Winamp for Android

With “smart” mobile phones getting more and more popular in the late 2000s it was clear that the the journey of the Llama will continue there. In 2010, when Android was still on Version 2 “Eclair” we started an effort to bring the media player that we all love to Android and released the first version by the end of that year. Soon it entered the Top10 Android App Charts in the Play Store :rocket:

Feature Highlights

  • Wireless (and wired) music synchronization with Winamp for PC and Mac
  • Custom audio playback engine (called Replicant) with advanced features like replay-gain, equalizer, …
  • Integration of ShoutCAST internet radio and RSS music feed subscriptions

Focus of my Work

  • Transforming the awesome Photoshop mock-ups of Taber Buhl into a pixel-perfect user interface
  • Writing resource-optimized Java code for Android—at that time you only had low-spec CPUs with a single core and less than 256MB RAM available
  • Online music service integration

Sadly, Winamp for Android discontinued after selling the brand to Radionomy. If you’re brave, here is still a mirror of the APK.